Smag & Behag - March 2016


"Food for Lions with texture and tenderness in blessed unity"

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Esquire - February 2016

"Another star of the meat packing district, Fleisch is great for lunch. During the day, the butcher-cum-bistro serves open sandwiches while the sun streams in and slickly barbered chefs hack away at carcasses in the open kitchen."

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The Sartorial Guide - September 2015

“At Fleisch, tattooed bearing chefs and bearded cocktail makers are surrounded by busy candlelit tables and white tiled walls. The hungry cannot go past The Butcher's Menu where seven dishes offer a generous sampling of the menu. With each bite you can taste the quality of the ingredients always prepared with respect and simplicity.”

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Berlingske - September 3, 2015


"The best dish of the evening was absolutely an almost genial serving of the Mediterranean fish breem, where the tasty fillet was cut from the bones and roasted in small fine bites, while the edible, fried bones were crunchy and good for shovelling the good aioli up with."

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Børsen - 21. august 2015


"If you love to eat meat, you are well served by visiting Fleisch in the meatpacking district. It is something as unusual as a combination of butcher shop, restaurant and cocktail bar. And not just any cocktail bar, but a meaty one, which serves "duck fat washed" sazerac whiskey and "bacon infused old fashioned" with bourbon." 

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Politiken - 31. juli 2015

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

"Being the son of a butcher and a meatlover, I was excited when I heard about Fleisch, that would open a butcher shop, bar and restaurant in the meatpacking district. Through the past decades, the butchers have disappeared from the cityscape, and it is annoying for several reasons. The butcher's professionalism ensures the right cuts, which is crucial for the meat's gastronomic qualities. He can make sure that the meat comes from suppliers that are interested in animal welfare, where outdoor life and a diverse diet are essential for the meat's taste. And how the meat is treated, determines how good the steak will be on the plate."

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